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Advance Financial - Flex loan is a DEBT trap! 3 of 3 people found it helpful
They helped me and I know they helped my co-worker. If you take out a short term loan, you need to pay it back. If you don't pay it, they will charge you. Dude, that was the agreement you made. These complainers are all about blaming, not complaining. If you want to blame someone, find a mirror! I've learned that the hard way. The purpose of the flex laon is to give you the ability to pay it back over time. You need to get your act together and...
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I had a signature loan with Advance Financial and the payments were fairly reasonable, once a month. then one day out of the blue I go in to make a payment and they tell me it has all changed to Flex loans, which are due every two weeks. There was no way around it. the payments and fees were sooo outrageous it had me coming up short every two weeks so I had to borrow more and more. Eventually my payment was up to $380 ever two weeks which is...
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My original flex loan was $1500, I have been making payments for 1 year to find out I owe $1600 as of 5/6/2016. The federal government should step up and shut these bastards down. Talk about preditory leanding. They tell you to pay a small payment and the loan will be paid in a short period of time, my ***. I don't recommend anyone do buisness with Advance Financial. They use the old bait and switch. When I can't pay my mortgage, I am pitching a...
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That was about the time they were coming out with the flex loan. My intentions were to pay off my loan in full and never go back to that god-forsaken place again. However while I was in there, they told me about this new wonderful Loan program called the flex loan. I was very reluctant to believe anything that they said because they lied to my face several times and the other woman that was in there who is getting explained about the same...
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These flex loans are a ripoff.Every two weeks I go back to pay and ask for a payoff it has went up almost 300.00.How do they expect people to get out of this trap. You will never pay them off. Im alteady paying almost 400.00 a month.This is unreal.
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