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We need to research to find out how to file a class action lawsuit against them for predatory lending practices. My balance was $1800 back in November. It's now June and my balance is $2000.

I pay more than $400 EVERY month, promptly.

There has to be a law against this. It is outrageous and virtually impossible to pay off. I'm sure the customers could get together and file a lawsuit, as this predatory lending preys on people who do not have a lot of money. Look at the strategic locations where these institutions are placed.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of predatory lending. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "predatory lending" of a product or service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $2000. Advance Financial needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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I was going through the same thing but could not afford to pay them called and informed them of this information they did not want to work things out I had done paid them over 4 times the amount of the loan and now I am going to court over this. I loved when I went to make an appointment and got a "customer appreciation" "Oh you have done so great on making your payments on time" you do not owe for this week in fact we owe you 48.13$ but then next payment was 12$ more every 2 weeks and intereset rate had topped out at 784.34%. So I would like in on this also please.


I want in on this law suit. They are croocks


I would like to join this as well! I can’t afford to keep paying them for no reason.


I wanna be included in this lawsuit against advance financial they harrass me alot.


I want to be a part of this !!


I've been trying to pay $500 back for over two years.I've talked to them keep telling me they will settle for about $1,800 one time payment.

I'm on a fixed income and they know it. They were suppose to get a once a month payment of $98 now it's twice a month

at $122 a pop. It's costing me bank fees and I can't get it stopped.

I talked to the bank the bank says this place is terrible.I'm in on lawsuit.

to Keke 2015 #1421968

Do you have any updates since you filed your lawsuit?


I am on the same boat.Have had this loan for a year and pay 400 a month and still owe the same amount.

When I lived in Colorado this was illegal.

It does not go towards the principal at all.Maybe 5$ Is applied to the principal we have got to come together and do something about this there is honestly no way out of these loans.


I'm in the same boat as ya'll.

Borrowed a lil over $1000

Payments kept going up.

Was paying $270 bi-weekly.

Couldn't survive so I just stopped paying them, and close my bank account.

Decided I would completely pay them off when I got tax money in.Didn't get a chance to....

They filed a lawsuit against me... I tried to get them to settle for $2,500... They said no no less than 3500 plus attorney fees and court cost.... They gave me the option to set up payments....

But you should see the ridiculous payment application..... They want to know every single thing about you... I'm sorry they're not getting that info. I was subpoenaed for court for December....

Guess I will be filing chapter 13.

I would love to be counted in for a class action suit against them....They are blood suckers


I filed a complaint with both the BBB and FTC.gov regarding Advance Financial's Predatory Lending Practices. I hope that everyone that comes on this page will as well. The ridiculous interest rate they charge will keep you in debt and never allow you to pay it off it never goes down.


I filed a complaint with the FTC.Gov today. I suggest everyone do this the more complaints the more they will look to stop this. I will search for an attorney to handle this as well.


I am going thru the same thing I had no idea that they could charge that much !I finally quit paying and now they have turned me into collection from an Attorney!

They were charging me as much as my house payment a month for my loan!I will sign on for a class action law suit!

Lebanon, Tennessee, United States #1349334

anyone manage to get a lawsuit or an attorney to take on a lawsuit against them?


Same thing i am going through.I've already paid every cent i borrowed..

(around $1700).. they take out over $400 every month. To pay it off will NOW cost me $2000.. I've paid towards the principle multiple times..

Unless you have the full pay-off amount to pay ALL AT ONCE, then you are completely and totally screwed.

I don't see how any of this is legal, and i kick myself every day that i even took out this loan in the first place.Ugh

Auburn, Kentucky, United States #1239070

I have an attorney willing to file a class a against these scumbags

to Anonymous Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #1282578

Please let me know if you need another complainant.I borrowed $350 in Nov.

2015 and its now Jan. 2017 and after taking 67.00 a month out of my bank acct.

I still owe $480.I called and tried to set up a payment arrangement several times and they will not let me.

to Anonymous #1332292

Let me I was desperate borrowed while I was sick and I don't have to explain the rest of the story.

to Anonymous #1360602

Please..I need to file too. Patricia

to Anonymous #1365777

Please let ur Attorney know I'm interested.They are during me.

$2500 Plus interest and Attys fees now owe $4500!!!Patricia.

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